Somewhere in the world its always beer o clock

The history of beer and drinking is a mirror image of the history of humanity itself. Let us take you on a journey to Neolitic villages on the banks of the yellow river in China, to the modern brewing facilities of today. Not only is this a history of beer, it is a history of humankind itself. This history of beer and brewing will come in 100 parts. 100 posts in an attempt to exaplain beer and brewings, its origins, its evolutions, its offshoots into cider and spirits. It is said now that there are over 100,000 breweries in the world and probably millions of different beers. We will aim in these posts to take you from the earliest days of brewing to the craft revolution of today.  To add a little extra fun, we have decided to pair a drink with each chapter of the blog, so you can not only read about the evolution of the world's favorite drinks, but also taste them.  Even if we can only guess at some of the very early examples. So settle in, grab yourself a drink a

Post 1: Honey Mead: The oldest drink in the world?