Post 1: Honey Mead: The oldest drink in the world?

Honey Mead: Maybe the oldest drink in the world? The beginning of brewing.

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The Yellow river is the second longest river in China and at over 3,000 miles long is one of longest in the world. At times a small trickle at others a sprawling storm of yellow brown torrents that give the river it’s name. It was on the banks of this river than early Chinese settlers began to form the first ever villages over 9,000 years ago. These settlements have become knows for two very important reasons, one is that they are the site of some of the earliest types of writing in the world. Secondly this village is the home of one of the earlier examples of alcohol being stored. The earliest recorded Alcoholic drink was a mix of honey and water, a very early form of mead. This drink quickly because a prized possession in village life and was used in rituals and ceremonies throughout the river basen. It was said very early on that this Chinese mead was even believed by some to be prescribed from Heaven. This beginning the long and continuing association between religion and alcohol.